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How to Protect Your Electronics During Inclement Weather

        Living in South GA weather is known to be a little on the bi-polar side. It may be a beautiful sunny day and within minutes turn into the storm of the century. With this weather, specifically thunderstorms, pose a real threat to your electronics in your home. To safeguard your investment we want to give you a few pointers to help!

- Unplug Electronics: Typically, anything that plugs into a wall outlet in North America is designed to use around 120 volts of electricity and can withstand up to 169 volts. In many other parts of the world, devices that plug in to get power use up to 240 volts.When lightning creates a power surge, the voltage coming through the lines is much more than 169 or 240 volts. We are talking millions of volts! Your electronics aren't made to withstand that much electricity all at once coming through your wall socket and will essentially fry. 

- Surge Protectors: Many people think that surge protectors that you plug into the wall will save their electronics from power surges due to lightning, but that's not always true. Surge protectors are meant to protect against common, small surges in the electrical grid that happen from time to time. They can help reduce the power surge before it reaches your device, but they are not designed to protect items from the massive surge of electricity that happens during a lightning strike.

- Stay Safe: Keep informed when storms are approaching. It can be dangerous or deadly to unplug an electronic during a surge. It is best to unplug electronics before the storm approaches. 

         As always, there are many times when we are on vacation or away from our home and cannot safeguard our electronics. Southern Audio and Video will gladly work with you to get your home audio and automation back running correctly. Many of times your insurance will cover damages to electronics such as televisions and sound bars. If this happens to you, call us to help you through it! 

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